The Enclave is the faction that I will refer to on this wiki as just The Enclave, as they're the most powerful and infamous Enclave, all other Enclaves will just be referred to as there actual name or something shorter.

The Enclave is a faction not in West Virginia to help people, not here to let people live, they're only hear to wipe out all who they don't think are "Mutated".

"For any factions looking to ally with us, we will not ally with degenerates of the wasteland. Our sole purpose in West Virginia is to wipe out all mutations of any kind. We have an isolationist policy towards all wastelanders. Do not expect to trade with members of this faction except in extreme circumstances" - TELLMEITHURTS, June 5th, 2018


  • Vault-Tec Armed Forces


  • pretty much everyone except their allies