The Mountain Hunters are formed by me on Xbox and used to be the West Virginian Republic, they're a Minutemen like military faction.


Taking out nearby Scorched (Those ghouls in the trailer with axes and stuff), 6 Caps

Taking out a Sloth. 13 Caps

Taking out Raiders, 20 Caps

Taking out Enclave units, 50 Caps

Taking out those dragon things (IRL called the Jersey Monster), 100 Caps

Securing an area for a C.A.M.P placement, 110 Caps

Protection forever, 200 Caps

Shelling Enclave Camps, 250 Caps



  • The Brotherhood of Freedom
  • The Mountaineers
  • The Tricentennial Team
  • The Merchant Union
  • The Protectorate


  • The Enclave (Recruitment)
  • All Raiders