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These flags were designed by users Warrior and Duke VonLaserface

Protectorate flag 2


The goals of The Protectorate are to establish trade and commerce, maintain peace, and build a large and strong community. Working together we can rebuild a devasted America and create a brighter tomorrow! We operate out of the Charleston area and grow in influence everyday!



  • The UFC 
  • Defender Coalition
  • The Merchant Union
  • Top of the Word Ski Resort
  • The Sons of Liberty
  • The United Republic of West Virginia
  • The West Virginia Coalition
  • The West Virginia Trading Company
  • Harpers Ferry
  • The Fusion Network
  • UDTF
  • TAN
  • The High Sector
  • The New American Front
  • The Mountain Men
  • The North American Republic
  • Crimson Caravan Service
  • The Outcasts
  • West Virginia Pine Gaurd